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Milestones of the Group

Year Event
2015 To build additional warehousing and storage facilities for our commercial explosives products
2013 Additional production facilities of detonating cords completed
2012 To build additional detonating cords production facilities that will increase annual production capacity and to upgrade existing boosters production facilities
2011 Received shareholders' approval for the acquisition of the land and buildings at Fei County, Linyi City, Shandong Province in the PRC where the Groupís manufacturing facilities and warehouses are located
2010 Maiden sale of boosters to Dyno Nobel Australia
2009 Completion of new production facilities that is capable of producing 3,000 tonnes of boosters and 60 million units of piston non-electric detonators per annum
  Secured maiden direct export contract to Indonesia, to supply boosters to a customer serving Indonesian mining companies
  Established in-house capabilities to market and sell directly to key mining nations, thereby saving the costs for a separate export agent
2008 Acquired Hebei Yinguang Chemical Co., Ltd., one of the major players in the production of Ammonia Nitrate business around the North Eastern region of China
2007 Dyno Nobel acquired a 29.9% stake in Fabchem
  Obtained export license approval to export its products to overseas customers through export agents
2005 Listed on SGX mainboard
  Acquired seismic charge manufacturing in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province with the production capacity of 3,000 tonnes per annum
2004 Received ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality management system, ISO14001:1996 certification for environmental management system and OHSAS 18001:1999 certification for occupational health and safety system certification
2003 Increased maximum production capacity of detonating cords to 50 million metres per annum
  Mr Sun Bowen acquired a majority stake in the Group, following the divestment of China government’s interests to 41 employees of the Group
2001 Commenced production of nonel detonators, with production capacity of 5 million pieces per annum
2000 Recognised as an advanced and high technology enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China
1998 - 1999 Secured first overseas customer
  Commenced production of boosters and nonel tubes. Increased production capacity of boosters from 500 tonnes per annum in 1998 to 5,500 tonnes per annum in 1999
1993 Increased maximum production capacity of detonating cords to five million metres per annum
1979 Founded as a state owned enterprise in Shandong province